The estate

The Estate

Immersed in an untouched countryside, just a few minutes from the center of Rossano, the city of the Codex and liquorice production, between old olive tress and citrus orchards stands the ancient dwelling Tenuta Ciminata Greco. From the estate’s unique position it’s possible to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, from one side the Ionian sea stretching to the Gulf of Corigliano, dominated by the Dolcedorme, the highest top of the Pollino chain, on the other side the greenery of olive trees, perched on hills, gently giving way to the black colour of chestnuts and pines of the Sila national park. The manor was obtained from an exclusive building in stone dating first part of the XVIII c; beautifully restored, the interiors are charachterized by arches in stone and wooded ceilings. The old oil grinder, the richly themed library and the family chapel are a ‘must’ during your stay in the Manor.

Old Oil Grinder

In old times the oil grinder was animated by mules; later, in the early ’900, with the introduction of electricity, the entire mill was renovated and mechanized. It is still possible to admire the old control panel of the electric current, the carriages used to transport the paste obtained from the grinding of olives, the filtering tanks, the old underground cisterns and the ancient amphorae for storing oil.

Polythematic Library

The library contains the entire history of the family and give a clear idea of the social, economical and cultural situation of the local history. You will find books collected by four generations that range on various themes: from history to literature, from geography to art, from philosophy to international politics.

The Family Church

The little church of the estate, dedicated to St. Joseph, was a meeting point for the rural community that lived around the Estate. Made of stone walls, the church was fully restored with the use of local materials and decorated with antique vestments.

Invalid Displayed Gallery

History of the family and of the Manor

The Greco family, owner of the estate, is one of the oldest and best known families in Rossano. According to history the family set here in the XIII c. from Poland. The coat of arms is made up of a golden Greek Y with a lock on a blue field, topped by a red stripe with three silver stars. Family of jurists and men of letters, who were given important roles, carried on with dignity and pure ideals. The family was enrolled in the Rossanese aristocracy, it had many privileges and feuds like Arnaro and San Lorenzo. In the XVIII the family enclosed to their properties the Tenuta Ciminata, which is still the main family business. The word Ciminata means the Majestic position of the estate. On this very spot once stood a tower, perched on the hills, facing the Ionian sea. The complex building, built upon this spot, is articulated on more levels. It has a single central unit and minor constructions. It has both the features of a countryside manor and a defensive fortress.