The territory

The beauties of our territory…

The city of Rossano, aside from a crystal blue water has countless modern sea resorts and some well known attractions such as the water them park; Acquapark Odissea 2000, and also some very interesting landmarks:

The Cathedral – the Diocesan Museum of sacred art – Codex purpureus Rossanensis

The byzantine Church of S. Marco

The palace – museum “Madre Isabella De Rosis” – “Sacred  heart institute”

The abbey of  Santa Maria del Pathirion

The Church of San Nilo (patron saint of the city)

The liquorice museum “Giorgio Amarelli”

In the surroundings it is also possible to enjoy natural beauties of the Sila and the Pollino, visit museums and archeological sites, spa and baths.

Here are some hints:

Archeological sites of Sibari and Paludi

Sibari lakes

Trekking in the Pollino National Park

Routes of rafting on the river Lao

Historical centre of Corigliano – Ducal castle

Cerchiara baths

Trekking in the Raganello stream

Trekking in the Sila National Park